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221 Henderson Road
Henderson Building
Singapore 159557

Tel: 8218 1929
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Our Solutions

Private Labelling:

You can choose from our existing formulated products range for private labelling in the packaging of your choice. We also offer design and personalisation of labels or silk screening with very minimal initial quantity.

Customization of your products:

Whether it is a superbly formulated skincare line with customised fragrance, colour, texture and cosmeceutical properties for a beauty label, or hand washes with powerful antibacterial properties for medical application, our extended team of chemical and dermatological experts is able to modify existing formulas and/or custom develop and manufacture the ideal product for success of your brand.

Filling and Packaging Services:

Our fully automated filling and packaging machines are able to process up to 3000 bottles per revolution. We offer economical and best quality packaging for increased product lifespan. Select from our range of bottles for filling of our formulated products.

Administrative services:

We will assist you on all necessary administrative duties to have your own label, including international regulatory regulations.

Assistance in marketing collaterals:

We offer editorial and graphical advice or charge you at cost on creation of your brand logo, labels and marketing collaterals.

Management of Stock:

We provide monthly review with your sales office to ensure you have sufficient stock for sales.

Distribution services:

We also provide services to export your products overseas as your business expands.

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